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Related article: Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 11:56:56 -0400 From: rfsc48hotmail.com Subject: adult-bookstore I was 23 and worked in the adult book store. I was by no means cute but had a personality that guys really liked. I met all kinds of guys at work. Some were shy; some definitely perverted; some rude and obnoxious; and some really cool guys. Although propositioned a lot by customers, I never got involved with them. The store had to weird policy about making it with customer. To be honest, there were not a whole lot who really interested me. There was one exception, though, Chad. He was about 5'10" and 160 not particularly well built, but lean and pretty athletic. He always browsed and bought from the straight section. One day while checking out, we got to talking about cars. One thing lead to another and I ended up inviting him out that night for a couple of drinks to discuss more about cars. He thought it was a great idea and agreed with a wicked grin. " I'll have to spend the night at your place on the couch, though," he said, "because I can't drive home after too much drinking. " OK with me" I replied. After closing up, we went to the local bar where we spent a few hours drinking and chatting. As the evening wore on, Chad confessed to me that he was a total virgin. My thoughts were racing ! I had always assumed he was totally straight and was really only out with him as company for the evening. So, he was totally straight but had never had a woman. I had to ask, "Well have you ever had a man then?" " Fuck, no way!" After a couple more drinks, Chad was becoming rather slurred in his speech and his eyes occasionally pointed in different ways. OK, I thought, in for the kill! I suggested that we leave and head Lolita World for my place. Once inside, Chad fell on to the couch. " So, Chad, would you like to look at those porn magazines that you bought?" "Great" was the reply. I took them out of the bag and sat beside him on the couch. He looked at one while I browsed the other. " I don't know what this is doing for you Chad, but it's certainly having an effect on me!" and I pointed to the tent in my jeans. "Yeah, it's great" he replied, glancing cautiously at the obvious erection inside my jeans. "So, what's it doing to you then?" " It's working" he replied moving the magazine away to let me see his lap. " But I can't see any difference, " I moaned. " Where is it?" "Over there down my left pant leg" and he pointed to it. I couldn't contain myself any more and placed my hand where he had indicated and felt around. He made no comment but turned back to look at the magazine again. My groping had revealed a fairly hard cock and I squeezed it. This got his attention and he put the magazine down. By this time my hand was moving to his zipper and beginning to pull it down. Still no resistance. " Be prepared for a shock," he muttered. " What do you mean?" " Well, it bends away to one side when it's hard." "Wow I'd like to see that" Chad was unbuttoning his jeans and I started to pull them down to his knees. His cock was certainly there and quite obviously hard. I ran my hand up and down it through the material of his boxers and eased my hand up on to the bare flesh of his stomach. He just lay there letting everything happen, his eyes shut. My hand inched towards the waistband of his boxers and as I eased it down, I glanced up at him - still no reaction. I rubbed his chest underneath his shirt. He was really incredibly hairy for such a young guy. My fingertips touched the smooth length of his cock and I grasped it all and squeezed while with my free hand I eased his boxers gently down. I could see it now. It was a nice one, about 7 inches and curving very dramatically to the left. I glanced at Chad. His eyes were open and he was looking down at me rubbing his hard cock, not showing much emotion at all. "Can I suck it, Chad?" "Yeah, go on but be careful or I'll cum or it'll go all over the carpet" " Oh no it won't" I thought. I lowered my lips and took his cock gently into my mouth being careful of the teeth. Although it had been hard before, it now became even harder. I glanced up and Chad was watching me. I unzipped my fly and took my cock out while never missing a suck on his lovely cock. I left it there hoping he would take it at least in his hand but no. I knelt down in front of him and started jerking my cock myself while sucking on his madly. He was still watching and obviously enjoying my attentions. I kept jerking my own hardening cock and Lolita World before I realized what was happening, it fired across the room - 4 or 5 big spurts and Chad gasped as I emptied my balls. I took my mouth off his very hard cock and he moved his own hand to replace my lips. Then he stood up, " Just going to the bathroom" he said. While he was away, I tidied up and resisted the urge to follow him to the bathroom. It was probably locked anyway! When he returned, he looked quite pleased with himself - " You've finished it yourself", I asked, rather disappointed. "Yeah." " Are you bisexual?" he asked. "No, I'm gay" I truthfully replied. "Well, whatever you are, I quite enjoyed that, thanks" he said." But now I just want to go to sleep if you don't mind" And with that he put his head down and was fast asleep in seconds. I turned dejectedly to my bedroom but it took me a little longer to get to sleep. In the morning, he was up and about very early and said nothing about last night. "Can we meet again next week for another drink and a chat?" he asked . "Ok - look forward to it" I replied. We did meet the next week but as I expected, Chad did not drink as much and absolutely nothing more has happened to this day. Pretty sure he is still a virgin though!Some guys, don't know a good thing when they see it! Woe is me!!!!!!!!!!!!
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